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What is SNAP Selling

SNAP selling is a methodology based on the idea that sales representatives in today’s market are dealing with distracted prospects. Customers are anxious about whether it’s worth their time or not to evaluate their need for your product. They are distracted by other priorities and will resist anything that seems complex or takes up too much of their time. These buyers are very demanding, so it’s important to know your solution well and be able to answer lots of their questions all while the buyer is trying to get away from the table. Here are the four components of the SNAP selling method:

Keep it Simple: Instead of rattling off everything that goes into your product or service, tailor your sales pitch to each buyer’s specific needs. Even if you believe they would benefit from the functionality of your product, you don’t want to overwhelm them so keep the pitch to relevant points to persuade your buyer to hear you out.

Be INvaluable: Become more than a salesperson and more of a trusted partner to your customer. Prove your trustworthiness by connecting your solutions to problems they need specifically solved. Find your way to become an invaluable resource toward their making a decision.

Always align: By gaining an understanding of the buyer’s goals ahead of time, you can anticipate when in the sales cycle their concern will arise and be prepared with an answer to alleviate the buyer’s fears.

Raise Priorities: To close the deal on the sale, you have to raise priorities and establish a sense of urgency for the sale. Buyers will respond well to boosts that can help them accomplish their goals.

Following this method should help you close the deal with the buyer quicker by aligning their priorities with what your product offers.

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