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3 Commonly Asked Phone Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The majority of us don’t like surprises when it comes to the job search. The easiest way to avoid all surprises is to simply prepare for them. One of the biggest parts of the job search is the phone interview. The phone interview can be very intimidating sometimes especially if you aren’t familiar with what to expect on the call. Here are three of the more commonly asked phone interview questions to help put your mind at ease:

Tell me about yourself: Very basic and very open-ended, this question will be asked in 99 percent of preliminary interviews. It helps connect the dots between you and the position, giving the recruiter a little bit of insight into your background. They want to hear about your experience as it’s relevant to the role, so focus on your skills and experiences that are most applicable when answering.

Why do you want to work here?: Employers are looking for compliments here, so show why you’re enthusiastic about the company. Do some research ahead of time by visiting their website and social media pages, and try to incorporate something from their company mission statement or values that speak to you.

What type of management style works best for you?: The company is just trying to analyze fit here, so they just want to make sure you will get along well with your potential boss. Answer this question honestly, and offer some good examples of past managers or management styles that you liked. Avoid mentioning negative stories about former bosses.

The best way to knock any interview out of the park is to adequately prepare for it ahead of time. When you take the time to do some research about the company and compile a bunch of notes, it’s much easier to answer any question they throw your way with confidence.

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